Fitness Classes Grand Rapids MI

No Limit Fitness was started to provide a friendly and positive environment to teach people healthier living. We strive to promote fun, fitness activity while creating a welcoming facility to train, work out, and educate others.

Using the Tree of Life method developed by owner Chris Woods, No Limit Fitness is a complete health & wellness teaching facility offering a variety of fitness classes and services. We feature popular Hip-Hop Cycling and Sweatbox classes, as well as new takes on Zumba, yoga, aerobics that will keep you engaged, excited, and looking and feeling great!

At No Limit Fitness, we don’t just offer classes! We specialize in providing our members with an individualized, holistic approach to health & wellness that includes diet and nutrition guidance, as well as physical fitness solutions for people of all ages. There is no limit to your potential!

Meet the No Limit Team